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Rules Governing Product Certification

For Rules Governing Product Certification:

Change of Password-Google Users

If individual users want to change the password, how do you change of your own? Here is how everyone can follow

Draft Standard for Raw ‘Brag-zhun’ and ‘Brag-zhun’ paste

Invitation for Comments Bhutan Standards Bureau (BSB) would like to announce that the Draft Bhutan Standard on Raw “Brag-zhun” and “Brag-zhun” paste is wide circulated for comments from 23/06/17 to 22/07/17. Therefore, the relevant stakeholders, both private and government agencies

Annual Quotation

Stationery & Consumables 2017-2018 Tyers & Tube 2017-2018 Repair & maintenance of Vehicle 2017-2018 1 Repair & maintenance of Vehicle 2017-2018 2

Vacancy Re-Announcement for Program Officer

Vacany Announcement

Invitation for Comments (Wide Circulation)

The following draft Bhutan standards are publicly available for comments of the all the relevant stakeholders. 1. BTS 35:2017 – Power tillers- Test Code ( Part 2) 2. BTS 36:2017- Walk Behind Power Reaper- Basic Requirements (Part 1) 3. BTS