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Notification of Award

This is to notify all our prospective bidders that the tender for supply, Installation and Commissioning the Equipment for the Electrical Safety Laboratory  had been awarded to the  M/s T. G. Global Enterprise, Phuntsholing

T.G. Global Enterprise

Therefore, we also thank all other bidders for your participation in our bidding process and looking forward for same in near futu ...more

Notification for Endorsed National Standards

The Board of Bhutan Standards Bureau (BSB) during its 9th Board Meeting held on 26th April 2018 endorsed a list of 87 Bhutan National Standards (BTS) for Civil Engineering, Food & Agriculture, Basic & Management Systems, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Pharmaceuticals & Traditional Medicines, Wood & Timber Products, and Mechanical Engineering.

While the National Standards published by BSB are voluntary in nature, any agency desiring to use BSB standards for ...more

Notification to use BSB certified products

The latest Notification from Ministry of Finance to use BSB certified products. For details Click Here

Revised Rules and Guideline

The Board of the Bhutan Standards Bureau (BSB), during its 10th Board Meeting held on 12th July 2019 approved the revision of the Rules Governing Product Certification 2016 (Rules)and the Guideline for the use of the BSB Product Certification Mark (Guideline).

 For details Click Here