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SAARC Expert Group of Accreditation (SEGA) attending workshop on Accredition from 1st to 4th September 2014, Lahore, Pakistan

37th ISO General Assembly, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Over 400 delegates met today for the 37th ISO General Assembly. Held in Rio, Brazil, the event brings together representatives of more than 120 ISO member countries to discuss International Standards and their impact on business, society, and the global economy.


Product Certification Scheme (PCS)

Product certification is the process of certifying  and a that a certain product has passed performance tests,quality assurance tests, and meets qualification criteria stipulated in standards, contracts, regulations  and  specifications.

The overall objective of certifying products are as under:

  • to address the needs of consumers, users and, more generally, all interested parties by giving confidence regarding fulfilment of specified requirements.
  • to allow suppliers to demonstrate to the market that their product has been attested to fulfil specified requirements by an impartial third party body.
  • provide confidence for those with an interest in fulfilment of requirements, and sufficient value so that suppliers can effectively market products.

As mandated by the Bhutan Standards Act 2010, The Bhutan Standards Bureau (BSB) is implementing Product Certification Scheme (PCS) as per the requirements of the International Standard, ISO/IEC 17065:2012 which specifies the requirements for bodies certifying products, process and services. BSB is a legal identity by virtue of the Bhutan Standards Act 2010 with full financial support from the Royal Government of Bhutan.

The scheme is regulated by the Bhutan Standards Bureau (Certification) Regulation 2012. BSB PCS covers products manufactured in the country within the Framework of the Bhutan Standards Act 2010 and ISO/IEC 17065:2012.The applicants are required to fill the application in the prescribed format which can be downloaded from our website. The scheme consists of determination of conformity of products to Bhutan standards through product sampling, initial testing and assessment of the factory quality management system. The product quality will be continuously monitored through surveillance of the factory’s quality management system, testing of samples from the factory and open market. The certification services are provided to all applicants without any discrimination

As Bhutanese  industry and commerce becomes more involved in international trade, BSB has recognized the need to ensure equivalence in recognition of other certification schemes abroad as well as recognition of BSB certification scheme by other trading partners especially in the South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries. BSB is therefore  working towards achieving international accreditation of product Certification.

As regards to the fees for Product Certification, the existing fee structure for Product Brand Approval Scheme apply. The fees collected goes as a revenue for the Government.

Complete steps/procedures of the operation of BSB PCS: PRODUCT CERTIFICATION SCHEME (CLICK HERE)

Product Brand Approval Scheme 2010

The Bhutan Standards Bureau (BSB) is operating  Product Brand Approval scheme 2010 whereby most construction related products (imported) having health, safety, environment and  reliability concerns are screened for minimum quality specifications, and approved or rejected accordingly.  The following engineering, industrial and construction related products are covered by the Product Brand Approval Scheme 2010:

1. Civil Engineering & Construction Items:

  1. Reinforcement steel
  2.  Cement
  3. Bitumen emulsion
  4. Roofing Sheet
  5. Tile Adhesives
  6. Flooring & Wall Tiles
  7. Metal for producing roof & wall sheets   
  8. Boards
  9. Pavers
  10.  Composite Deck Slab
  11. Bricks
  12. Hollow Blocks

2. Plumbing & Sanitary Items:

  1. Pipes
  2. Pipe Fittings
  3. Valves & Cocks
  4. Sanitary Appliances
  5. Water Storage Tanks

3. Electrical Accessories & Appliances:

  1. Lamps & Luminaries
  2. Switches, Sockets & Wiring Accessories
  3. Wires & Cables
  4. Switchgears & Control Gears
  5. Fans
  6. Electric water Heaters (Geysers)
  7. Electric Room Heaters
  8. Conduit Pipes
  9.  Casing & capping materials

The scheme requires the following to be submitted for processing the approval:

  1. Application form
  2. Company profile
  3. Product catalogue
  4. Product specification
  5. Product Price Structure
  6. Product samples
  7. Latest  test report from the company’s laboratory
  8. Latest  third party test report from accredited laboratories
  9. Certification from the  National Standards Body (eg. BIS, TISI, etc.)
  10. Management System certifications if any (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc)
  11. Application fee of Nu. 1000/-  per product per brand

After the receipt of the application along with all the above enclosures, the dealing officer will scrutinize the application and inform the applicant of any missing information. If the applicant fails to provide any of the above, the application will not be processed further. Further, if the product is categorized in the mandatory list, factory visit/inspection is mandatory prior to approval. During factory inspection, the team may draw samples at random and witness the in-house testing of products and internal quality control facilities. Finally  the Brand Approval Committee meeting will be convened and the decision of the committee will be communicated.

If the product is approved, the applicant will have to deposit the certification fee of Nu. 10,000/-  per product per brand after which the certificate will be issued and is valid for two years from the date of approval. For the renewal of the certificate, the renewal application must be submitted at least four weeks before the expiry date along with the required documents stated in the renewal form. For renewal of certificate for mandatory products, the factory inspection will only apply in the second renewal application (i.e. after four years) The renewal certificate (if endorsed by the committee) will be issued after the renewal fee of Nu. 7500/- per product per brand  is deposited.

The current mandatory lists of products requiring BSB certification are:

  1. Reinforcement Steel
  2. Cement
  3. Water supply pipes and fittings  
  4. Roofing sheets
  5. Water storage tanks
  6. Concrete bricks/blocks
  7. Switchgears & control gears
  8. Wires & Cables
  9. Electrical switches, sockets and fittings
  10. Electric water heaters (Geysers)

The voluntary products (products not in the mandatory list) can avail certification to have competitive  edge in the market as there are growing public  concerns  on quality and value for money.

The mandatory list may undergo revision based on the request from the consumers and government directives.