Bhutan Standards Bureau

Metrology and Laboratory Services


The Metrology and Laboratory Service Division (MLSD) was created to undertake the following two mandates enshrined in the Bhutan Standards Act 2010 under clause 4 (b) and (c):

  1. Establish and operate metrological referral and calibration laboratories
  2. Establish and operate product testing infrastructure

The NML has established three laboratories to undertake the above mandates:

  1. National Metrology Laboratory (NML)
  2. Product Testing Laboratory and
  3. Electrical Safety Laboratory

National Metrology Laboratory

METROLOGY is a study of measurement. It is concerned with providing accurate measurements which impact our economy, health, safety and general well-being.

The national standards for measurement units traceable to international standards are maintained with NML. The NML is presently accredited to provide calibration services for the following scopes:

(a)   Mass (weights and Balances)

(b)  Length (Measuring tapes and scales, calipers and micrometers)

Pursuit of accreditation for additional scopes (Volume, Pressure and Temperature) is under active consideration.

The NML functions as a technical authority to exercise control functions in the area of Metrology and provides services to legal Metrology and legal metrology system, industries, testing Laboratories and other users of measurement data.

Product Testing Laboratory

TESTING plays an important role in the international transaction of goods and services and is a critical link between standardization and quality control.

The Product Testing Laboratorywas established to:

  • Provide testing facilities to construction products/materials and
  • Conduct research and development for standards formulation

Currently, the Product Testing Laboratory has the following testing facilities to provide the following testing services:

  • Tests on cements
  • Tests on steel and steel components
  • Tests on concrete/building blocks
  • Tests on fine aggregates
  • Tests on coarse aggregates
  • Tests on soil
  • Tests on bitumen
  • Tests on road sub-grade

Electrical Safety Laboratory

The Electrical Safety Laboratory was set up recently to provide testing services for electrical and electrical related products.

Under the current setup, the following electrical parameters can be tested for different electrical components as given below:

Sl. No.

Test Parameter

Test Equipment

Reference Standard


Fire Resistant Test

Needle Flame Tester

IEC 60695-11-5






Heat Resistant Test



Glow Wire Tester

IEC 60695-2-10

IEC 60695-2-11

IEC 60695-2-12

IEC 60695-2-13


Ball Pressure Test

Ball Pressure Test Device

IEC 60695-10-2



Insulation Resistance Test

Digital Insulation Tester




Earth Continuity Test

Earth Clamp Meter