Invitation for Comments (Wide Circulation)


The following draft Bhutan standards are publicly available for comments of the all the relevant stakeholders.

1. BTS 35:2017 – Power tillers- Test Code ( Part 2)
2. BTS 36:2017- Walk Behind Power Reaper- Basic Requirements (Part 1)
3. BTS 37:2017 -Walk Behind Power Reaper – Test Code ( Part 2)
4. BTS 38: 2017 – Rice Mill- Basic Requirements ( Part 1)
5. BTS 39:2017 – Rice Mill- Test Code ( Part 2)

Concerned/interested stakeholders are requested to send their comments. The written comments provided in the prescribed template before 31st June, 2017 shall only be considered. The draft standards and commenting template are also available at of Agriculture Machinery Centre.

All written comments may be sent to the Director General, BSB, Thimphu, or e-mailed at or fax number 02-323712. For further details, please contact Mr. Pema Dorji, Member Secretary to Mechanical Engineering Technical Committee at 02-325104/16937972 during office hours.

Forward letter

Distribution list

BTS 35:2017

BTS 36:2017

BTS 37:2017

BTS 38:2017

BTS 39:2017

Commenting Template


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