Bhutan Standards Bureau

Approved Electrical Products

Sl.No Product Category Sub Category Product Brand Manufacturer Factory Location Certificate Validity Dealership Details Certificate No
1 Wires and Cables Domestic Wires and LT Power Cables KEI KEI Industries Ltd Industrial Area, Bhiwadi, Rajasthan 4/12/2022 Samling Electrics, Babesa Thimphu +975-17115478 CPC-R04(83)/2020/0043
Domestic Wires Gee Cab Gananayak Cable Industries Howrah, WB India 30/01/2022 Rigsel Trader, Thimphu CPC-R02 (80)/2020/0115
Domestic Wires Royal Cables Yarab Pvt Ltd Phuntsholing, Bhutan 30/01/2022 Local CPC-R04 (80)/2020/0030
Domestic wires and cables  Homeflex  Baba cable industries Delhi, India 29/6/2023 Kallen enterprise, Babesa,thimphu CPC-R04(90)/2021/0108
2 Batteries/Cells Lead Acid Starter Batteries DRUK BATTERIES Bhutan Battery Phuntsholing 18/06/2022 Druk Battery, Phuntsholing CPC-R01(84)/2018/0149
3 Escalator Escalator Johnson Johnson Lifts Pvt. Ltd. Chennai, India 28/11/2021 Not Appointed CPC-(79)/2019/0011
4 Elevator Elevator Johnson Johnson Lifts Pvt. Ltd. Chennai, India 29/11/2021 Not Appointed CPC-(79)/2019/0012
GRJ GRJ Elevator Private Limited Chamrail, Howrah, Kolkata 30/07/2022 Not Appointed CPC-(85)/2020/0162
5 Switch, socket and wiring accessories Switches & Sockets Reio Hivijay Industrial LLP Maharashtra, India 31/8/2023 Zhenderbling Enterprise, Chubachu, Thimphu CPC-R01(93)/2021/0280