Bhutan Standards Bureau


As per the Bhutan Standards Bureau (BSB) Guidelines for Standards Development 2018, BSB hereby notify / invite comments from all relevant organizations including public and private sectors on the Final Draft Bhutan Standards posted on the website ( The post will be opened for comments for a period of 2 months from 23rd April 2021 - 23rd June 2021.

Kindly submit your comments on the template prescribed / format available on the voting and commenting site. 

Sl. No Final Draft Bhutan Standards
BTS 312:2021, Indoor air quality
2 BTS 314:2021 ISO 4226:2007 (E), Air quality – General aspects, Units of measurements
3 BTS 315:2021 ISO 16000-1:2004 (E), Indoor air – Part 1: General aspects of sampling strategy
4 BTS 316:2021 ISO 16000-2:2004 (E), Indoor air – Part 2: Sampling strategy for formaldehyde
5 BTS 317:2021 ISO 16000-5:2007 (E), Indoor air – Part 5: Sampling strategy for volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
6 BTS 318:2021 ISO 16000-37:2018 (E), Indoor air – Part 37: Measurement of PM2.5 mass concentration.

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