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Product Certification Scheme (PCS)

Product certification is the process of certifying  and a that a certain product has passed performance tests, quality tests, and meets qualification criteria stipulated in standards, contracts, regulations  and  specifications.                                

Product Brand Approval Scheme 2010

The Bhutan Standards Bureau (BSB) is operating  Product Brand Approval scheme 2010 whereby most construction related products (imported) having health, safety, environment and  reliability concerns are screened for minimum quality specifications, and approved or rejected accordingly.  The following engineering, industrial

Information of BSB PCS Procedures

For effective implementation of Product Certification Scheme (PCS), BSB has documented, maintained and is implementing procedures as per the requirement of ISO/IEC 17065:2012. From a total of 29 procedures , the following  procedures are particularly  of  interest to the applicants,

Mandatory Certification

The Bhutan Standards Bureau has identified products for mandatory certification.  Products   that have  health, Safety and environmental concerns are categorized as mandatory for certification. The current list of products falling under mandatory certification identified within our scope of certification which