Bhutan Standards Bureau
Bhutan Standards Bureau
New Work Item Proposal

1. Title of Proposed Deliverable

2. Scope of Proposed Deliverable

3. Purpose and Justification of the Proposal

(Consider the following: Is there a verified market need for the proposal? What problem does this standard solve? What value will the document bring to end-users?)

4. Preparatory Work (at a minimum an outline should be included with the proposal):

The Proposer or the Proposer's Organization is prepared to undertake the preparatory work required.

5. Please select any GNH Domains that this deliverable will support. For more information on GNH Domain, please visit

6. Please select any UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that this deliverable will support. For more information on SDGs please visit

7. If a draft is attached to this proposal, please select one of the following options(note that if no option is selected, the default will be the first option):

8. Indication(s) of the preferred type or types of deliverable(s) to be produced under the proposal:

9. Co-ordination of work:

If  Yes Please Specify Which Ones

10. List relevant existing documents at the international, regional, national and sectoral levels, if any

11. Liasions

12. Bearing with Government Legislation

13. Funding:

If     Yes,    please specify one of the following

14. Please fill out the relevant parts of the table below to identify relevant affected stakholder categories and how they will each benefit from or be impacted by the Proposed deliverable (s)

StakeholderBenefits / impactsExamples of organizations/companies to be contacted

15. Annexures included in this proposal:

Name Description Upload
(pdf 2MB)

16. Addtional information / questions: