Bhutan Standards Bureau
TC Type Name Designation Organization Contact Details Committee Position
Civil Engineering Standards Technical Committee (TC-01) Mr.Basant Raj Chhetri Consultant Bhutan Professional Services Chairman
Mr.Mahendra Chhetri Consultant Himalayan Construction and Consultancy Member
Mr.Om Nath Giri Executive Engineer Engineering Adaption and Risk Reduction Division Member
Mr.Tshering Executive Engineer Department of Agriculture,MoAF Member
Mr.Lalit Gurung Chief Engineer SPBD,MoE Member
Ms.Sonam Choden General Manager NHDC Member
Mr.Tshewang Nidup Lecturer College of Science and Technology,RUB Member
Mr.Sonam Tashi Sr.Engineer Tashi Deling Construction and Consultancy Member
Mr.Jigme Tenzin Analyst (Civil Engineer) Investment Department,DHI Member
Mr.Tashi Dorji Sr.Engineer Transmission Department,BPC Member
Mr.Karma Tshetrim Deputy Executive Engineer (Civil Engineer) Standardization Division,BSB Member Secretary
Food and Agriculture Standards Technical Committee (TC-02) Mrs.Pema Choden Horticulture Officer Department of Agriculture,MoAF /17944909 Member
Mr.Sonam Norbu Specialist Department of Agriculture and Marketing Cooperativ Member
Mr.Dorji Tshering President Bhutan Exporters Association Member
Mr.Phuntsho T Norbu Dy.Chief Livestock Production National Dairy Development Center,DoL /17110810 Member
Mr.Tashi Dorji Dy.Chief Trade Officer Department of Trade,MoEA /17762196 Member
Ms.Tashi Choden Nutritionist Bhutan Standards Bureau, Thimphu /17550917 Member Secretary
Electrical and Electronics Standards Technical Committee (TC-03) Mr.Roshan Chhetri Sr.Lecturer College of Science and Technology Chairman
Mr.Sangay Dorji Tshering Dy.EE Bhutan Electricity Authority Member
Mr.Tilak Sunwar Dy.EE DRE,MoEA Member
Mr.Phub Tshering Engineer Department of Hydropower and System, MoEA Member
Ms.Kinzang Lhamo Sr.Engineer BPC Member
Mr.Satyam Gurung General Manager Yarab Private Limited Member
Mr.Langa Tshering EE DGPC Member
Mr.Kinley Tenzin Electrical Engineer NHDC Member
Luv Kumar Chhetri EE Thimphu Thromde Member
Mr.Tek Bahadur Chhetri AE Standardization Division,BSB Member Secretary
Basics and Management System Standards Technical Committee (TC-04) Ms.Deki Sr.Tourism Officer Tourism Council of Bhutan, Thimphu Member
Mr.Tashi Wangdi Industries Officer Department of Industries,MoEA,Thimphu Chairman
Mr.Tshewang Dorji Dy.Chief Environment Officer National Environment Commission, Thimphu Member
Mr. Yeshey Lotay Executive Engineer Department of Disaster, MoHCA,Thimphu /17119980 Member
Ms.Palmo Thinley Associate Lecturer Royal Institute of Management Member
Mr.Karma Jamtsho Dy.Executive Enguneer Thimphu Thromde Member
Mr. Sangay Thinly ICT Officer National Housing Development Cooperation Limited,Thimphu Member
Jigme Choden Chief Nurse JDWNRH Member
Sonam Wangchuk Human Resource Manager Hotel and Restaurant Association of Bhutan (HRAB) Member
Mr.Pema Dorji Program Officer BSB Member Secretary
Pharmaceutical and Traditional Medicines Standards Technical Committee(TC-05) Mr.Dechen Chophel Chief Program Officer Essential Medicines and Technology Division,MoH Chairman
Mr.Rudra Mani Dhimal Chief Procurement Officer Medical Supplies and Procurement Division, DOMSHI,MoH Member
Mr.Sherab Tenzin Dy.Chief Pharmacist Menjong Sorig Pharmaceuticals,DTMS,MoH Member
Mr.Dawa Tshering Regulatory Officer Registration Division,Drug Regulatory Authority Member
Mr.Rixin Jamtsho Dy.Chief Lab Officer Quality Assurance and Standardization Division, MoH Member
Dr.Kinzang Dukpa Program Director National Center for Animal for Animal Health, Serbithang,Dept.of Livestock,MoAF Member
Mr.Amin Ngawang Tashi Pharmacist (Analyst) National Drug Testing Laboratory, Dept. of Public Health,MoH Member
Mr.Chencho Dorji Biodiversity Officer Bioprospecting and ABS Program, National Biodiversity Centre,MoAf Member
Mr.Tshering Wangchuk Trade Officer Consumer Grievance and Redressal Division, Office of Consumer Protection,MoEA Member
Ms.Cheten Zangmo Asst.Engineer BSB Member Secretary
Textile Standards Technical Committee (TC-06) Mrs.Karma Choden Manager APIC,Thimphu Chairperson
Ms.Sonam Dema Production Manager SABAH-Bhutan Member
Mrs.Pema C Wangchuk Curator Royal Textile Academy,Thimphu Member
Mrs.Utsha Gurung Sr.Conservator Department of Culture,Thimphu Member
Ms.Tshering Pelden Project Coordinator BAOWE,Thimphu Member
Ms.Yangchen Lhamo Project Coordinator BAOWE,Thimphu Member
Mrs.Damchoe Dema CEO BAOWE,Thimphu Alternate Member
Mr.Thukten Tshering Accounts/Marketing Manager Tarayana, Thimphu Member
Mrs.Sonam Dema Production Manager Tarayana, Thimphu Member
Mr.Tashi Tenzin Research Officer BSB Member Secretary
Wood and Timber Products Standards Technical Committee (TC-07) Mr.Ashit Chhetri Manager,Forest Resource Section NRDCL,Thimphu Member
Mr.Dorji Wangdi Senior Forestry Officer Department of Forestry and Park Services,Thimphu Member
Mr.Sonam Tshering Training Manager Wood Craft Centre Limited,Thimphu Member
Mr.Pem Gyeltshen General Manager Sersang Mining Company Limited,Phuntsholing Chairperson
Mr.Gayleg Dorji DY.GM (Production) Bhutan Board Products Limited,Tala Member
Mrs. Karma Choden Manager Agency for Promotion of Indigenous Crafts(APIC),Thimphu Member
Ms.Chenzom Executive Engineer BSB Member Secretary
Mechanical Engineering Technical Committee (TC-08) Mr.Cheten Wangchen Farm Mechanization Specialist Agriculture Machinery Centre,Paro Chairperson
Mr.Karma Thinley Chief Executive Officer Farm Mechanization Cooperation Limited, Paro Member
Mr.Kinga Norbu Offtg.Program Director Agriculture Machinery Centre,Paro Member
Mr.Phuntsho Wangdi Mechanical Engineer Road Safety and Transport Authority,Thimphu Member
Mr.Sangay Lhendup Executive Agriculture Engineer Agriculture Machinery Centre,Paro Member
Mr.Tirtha Katwal,RDC,Yusipang Agronomist/Specialist Research and Development Centre,Yusipang, Department of Agriculture, MoAF,Thimphu Member
Mr.Sangay Wangchuk Vice Principal,Automotive Engineering Technical Training Institute, Samthang Department of Human Resources,MoLHR,Wangdue Member
Mr.Karma Loday Superintendent Engineer (Mechanical) Construction Development Cooperation Limited,Thimphu Memeber
Mr.Pelden Dendup Dy.Executive Engineer BSB Member Secretary
Graphical Symbol Standards Technical Committee (TC-09) Mr.Dorji Tshering Executive Engineer DoR,MoWHS Chairperson
Mr.Budhi Man Shingdan Engineer CDB Alternate Member
Ms.Ugyen Lhamo Asst.Engineer Thimphu Thromde Member
Ms.Dhendup Lhamo Engineer Thimphu Thromde Alternate Member
Ms.Dechen Lhazom Chophel Architect TCB Member
Mr.Sherub Younten Fire Crew DoAT,MoIC,Paro Member
Mr.Phuntsho Wangdi Mechanical Engineer RSTA,Thimphu Member
Mr.Ugyen Dorji Captain RBP Member
Mr.Pelden Dendup Dy.Executive Engineer BSB Member Secretary
Sustainability and Environment Standards Technical Committee (TC-10) Dr.Om Katel Senior Lecturer CNR Member
Mr. Tenzin Khorlo Chief Environment Officer National Environment Commission, Thimphu Member
Mrs. Choki Wangmo Dy.Chief Environment Officer National Environment Commission, Thimphu Alternate
Mr. Jigme Tshering Sr.Project Officer Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN) Member
Mr. Ugyen Lhendup Chief Program Officer Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation (BTFEC) Member
Mr. Annop Ghalley Sr.Manager Association of Bhutanese Industries (ABI) Member
Mr. Pema Namgyel Ghaley Program Officer Association of Bhutanese Industries (ABI) Alternate
Mr. Sangay Wangchuk Head,CFST Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environment (UWICE) Member
Dr. Kaka Tshering Dy.Chief Forestry Officer Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environment (UWICE) Alternate
Mrs. Chogyel Wangmo Associate Lecturer College of Natural Resources (CNR) Alternate
Mr. Tashi Norbu Waiba Sr.Forestry Officer Department of Forest and Park Services (DoFPS) Member
Mr. Yeshey Dorji Sr. Research Officer Bhutan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) Member
Mr. Ugyen Chophel - Bhutan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) Alternate